STRIVR app answers student requests anywhere, anytime 

Photo courtesy of strivr website

Photo courtesy of strivr website

By Tom Stasiunas, Contributing Writer

First, there was MySpace. Next, Facebook dominated the social media sphere for nearly half a decade. It was not long before various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Vine were all introduced into the mix. All were designed with the idea that people would connect with one another. However, many would argue that these platforms fail in that regard, and instead promote interactions without purpose.

Lehigh student Zach Gray may have the solution to this issue in the form of a new social media platform called STRIVR. Platforms such as these have been trending away from profiles and large customized walls, and instead to instant updates and quips. Gray created the app with the idea that it would become what social media was always intended to be: purposeful.

Users of the app sign onto an account, and access a forum where people give and receive help. No longer do folks have to call or text ten different friends to find someone willing to help them with whatever they need done. The need could be something as simple as needing a ride to the grocery store, or deciding which show to watch next on Netflix.

The app streamlines the process and makes allows users to have a choice, whether posts go either to the entire STRIVR community, or to a chosen “friend” group, handpicked via Facebook. The forum is ongoing and archived, meaning users are able to go back and see responses other users have gotten for similar questions. The app is also tailored to filter requests based on criteria such as category, or proximity.

While the “real-world” advantages are apparent, this new platform will likely most benefit college students. STRIVR aims to filter out much of the hassle in badgering multiple friends over the phone or via text. Due to the fact that students are so often following very different schedules on campus, it can be a real chore to find someone who is free and willing to help at the exact time someone is in need.

The product is still rather new, having only been released in 2014. However, STRIVR has the potential to explode onto the social media scene and serve a useful purpose, especially in the realm of college campuses across the country.

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