Students rock the house at a recent annual talent show

The residents of Blue Note jazz house present a unique musical number with a combination of different instruments at the 2nd annual College House Talent Show held February 7, 2015 (Photo Courtesy of Jamie Welch).

By Jamie Welch, GECO Correspondent

The Annual College House Talent Show was held Saturday, February 7 and it was a roaring success! Nearly every Spark House and Theme House was performing at the event, and the Junction was filled beyond capacity with people excited to see the College Houses show off their unique talents. This annual event, sponsored by the Office of Residential and First-Year Programs, serves as an opportunity for each house to showcase themselves to the campus community and to give students interested in Spark housing the opportunity to see what opportunities are available.

According to Residential and First-Year Programs, the name Spark House comes from the sparking of ideas, creativity, and relationships that start in these social and intellectual hubs. They serve to connect academic departments, courses, College programs, and student organizations with a shared commitment to an interdisciplinary topic with an annual focus selected by house members.

There were many interesting acts performing in the talent show. Some of the highlights include poetry recitations by the ALLies House and a unique musical performance by Hillel and Middle East and Islamic Studies House sung in both Hebrew and Arabic. RISE House presented an Irish drinking song, and Blue Note played a “song” using a series of very unique instruments including a combination Trombone/Bassoon, or “Tromboon.” Humor House presented a mock press conference with the President, who is responding to a scandal. Only problem – he has no idea what the scandal is about! Through the game which the group “shamelessly stole from Shots in the Dark”, it was discovered that the President had gotten 10 points at Gettysburg College! With so many acts and so many diverse talents, it truly was an entertaining evening.

Chelsea Loughner ‘15, Assistant Residential Life Coordinator at Gettysburg College, planned this event as a way of promoting the College House program and what it has to offer. Now

in its second year, the program has enjoyed immense success, with even bigger success this year than last. While she is in charge of the event, Chelsea noted that a lot of committees of leaders from the houses worked with her to put this event together. “This is really a product of what they did,” she said.

When I asked her about her plans for the future of the event, she said that the goal is to hold the event in CUB Ballroom. “We wanted the Ballroom last year but found out we wouldn’t have enough people,” Chelsea commented. After the huge attendance this year, she hopes that the Ballroom is the next step for this relatively new event. “I’d like to see it get bigger…hopefully, in the future, as the program expands it can move to the Ballroom,” she said.

If you are interested in applying to live in a Spark House for next year, you can go to the Residential and First-Year Programs website and fill out the interest form available there, or you can find the contact information for the house leaders on that same site and get in touch with them directly.

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Author: Isabel Gibson Penrose

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