Pennsylvania 2014 Gubernatorial Elections: Republican Tom Corbett

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By Harry Fones & Corinne Day, C0-Presidents, College Republicans

Millennials across the state, and especially on the Gettysburg College campus, ask why they should vote Tom Corbett for governor.

Tom Corbett has kept his promises on issues which millennials should be focused: kick starting Pennsylvania’s economy, dealing with taxes, and investing in infrastructure like roads and education.

When Tom Corbett took over as governor, the economy of Pennsylvania was not doing well following the 2008 financial meltdown. Since taking office in 2010, Tom Corbett has substantially improved the economy in this state. The joblessness rate has dropped to a 5 year low. Since Corbett has been governor, hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs have been created and the unemployment rate is well below the national average. Corbett has even looked outside of Pennsylvania to neighboring states like Maryland to draw in more jobs.

So why is this important?

As college students entering the job market, a strong economy is essential to finding success. 4 more years with Corbett provides us with the best chance of getting a job after coming out of school.

Regardless of whether or not you are a native of Pennsylvania or an out-of- state student, after spending 4 years in the commonwealth the ability to stay and be successful is something we want and that is attainable with Corbett.

Millennials don’t pay many taxes and that is because Corbett is committed to keeping Pennsylvania’s taxes low. Since taking office, Corbett has not allowed tax increases to ever be a topic of discussion. There was a 4.2 billion dollar deficit when he entered office and today the deficit is virtually non-existent. A vote for Tom Corbett is a vote to keep your money in your pocket.

Local education is critical to Pennsylvania citizens. They want to put their children into a public school system in which they will receive a well-rounded education and not be overburdened by taxes.

When people say Governor Corbett cut spending on education, this is accurate. However, the previous administration paid for education through the temporary stimulus package from the federal government. Corbett worked to make a sustainable system for funding education and has been successful. Schools are now ranked higher than before and the system is on par or better than other states.

Most millennials may not consider the impact of roads and bridges on their everyday life. Travel time to work and safety on the road depend on good infrastructure in this area. For this reason, a 2.3 billion dollar investment was made to improve over 10,000 miles of road and thousands of bridges were improved and made safe and drivable for years to come.

Tom Corbett’s campaign slogan has been “Promises Kept.” He set specific goals to improve the state and in 4 years he has done so. We as college students don’t expect politicians to keep promises. If you want more kept promises and improvements in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you should vote for Tom Corbett. By doing so you are voting for a future of success and opportunities.

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Author: Isabel Gibson Penrose

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