Film Review: A Walk in the Woods

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By Daphne Ellis, contributing writer

Looking for an inspiring escape? The film adaptation of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in The Woods is presently showing at The Majestic Theater, and it is absolutely thrilling! Follow the incredible story of the author who challenged his own mind and body by literally taking a walk in the woods. Bryson, along with an old friend, takes on the Northbound Appalachian Trail, recalling strange encounters ranging from those with crazy people to those with curious grizzly bears. The film teaches that there is much to be learned by listening to the natural world around. Even in the depth of a well-lived life, fresh air is essential to understanding the significance of one’s own being. The further disconnected one becomes from material objects, the more valuable and extraordinary life seems. How do we compare to the stars? How wise are the rocks we walk on each day who are wise beyond human years in their permanent states? With gorgeous scenery, excellent scoring and a rich comical side, A Walk in The Woods will have you planning your next wilderness excursion while pondering its necessity to balance a thoroughly-lived life experience.

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