Parking Passes Are Now Available to All First-Years

By Ella Prieto, Staff Writer 

On Monday, Executive Director of Campus Safety Alex Wiltz sent out an email to first-year students announcing that they would all be eligible for parking passes.

“We have opened up parking passes for all first year students,” wrote Wiltz. 

This email follows Wiltz’ previous announcement about a lottery system that first-years could enter to receive parking passes earlier in the semester. 

Wiltz then explained the process of obtaining a parking pass, clarifying that “If you are still wanting a parking pass, go to CNAV under Campus Safety forms and click on the parking pass link. Once you fill out the form, our office will process that pass and let you know it is ready.”

Students who wish to bring a vehicle back to campus must “register for a pass sooner rather than later” because Campus Safety will shut down the form for parking passes when they hit the maximum number of passes they can distribute.

The email ended with a reminder that parking passes cost $100 and are charged to students’ accounts.

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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