College Will Compensate Student Employees for Lost Wages

(Photo Allyson Frantz/The Gettysburgian)

(Photo Allyson Frantz/The Gettysburgian)

By Gauri Mangala, Managing Editor

A memo from the Provost’s office has been circulating around various departments regarding the state of student employment in this new remote-learning system. The decision was communicated by Darrien Davenport, the memo said.

“We realize that student employees are vital to fulfilling the mission of the institution and with that in mind, the College has decided to compensate student employees for the remainder of the academic year with an end date of Sunday, May 3rd,” the memo reads.

Using the average weekly logged hours of the first seven weeks of the semester, the college will pay students a stipend, set to be processed on March 30th. Student workers should receive this payment on April 10th. 

From there, student employees that can work their on-campus job remotely may work as volunteers, meaning that they would not be filling out any timesheets. Student employees can not work more hours than their weekly average during the first half of the semester and would not be required to continue to work.

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Author: Gauri Mangala

Gauri Mangala '21 currently serves as the managing editor for the Gettysburgian. Gauri is originally from Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Aside from her work with the Gettysburgian, Gauri is the treasurer for the Owl and Nightingale Players. She is a double major in Theatre Arts and Anthropology.

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