Faculty Spotlight: Ozgur Joins Economics Faculty, Studies Stability and Implications for Political Freedom

Professor Gokcer Ozgur (Photo Allyson Frantz/The Gettysburgian)

Professor Gokcer Ozgur (Photo Allyson Frantz/The Gettysburgian)

By Cam D’Amica, Features Editor

Dr. Gokcer Ozgur has joined the Economics Department as an assistant professor focusing on economic stability and history. He is originally from Ankara, Turkey and has studied and worked in Turkey and Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his BSc in Economics at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey and his PhD in Economics at the University of Utah.

Ozgur always had an interest in the social sciences, and was guided by high school friends who gave him the idea to study economics, since it draws insights from multiple disciplines. His research focuses on economic stability.

“Economic downturns can be destructive, and create social and political problems,” he said. “I believe understanding the causes of economic instability is important for various reasons. We can not achieve environmental sustainability, social equality or sustainable development without economic stability. I also believe, currently, economic instability has become a major threat to political freedom on a global scale.”

Ozgur chose Gettysburg College to find “an academic community in which learning and research supports each other.”

All of his interactions so far with staff, faculty, and students have validated this, he said, and he is excited to be more involved in campus activities and college events.

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Author: Cameron D'Amica

Cameron (Cam) D'Amica '22 is the Features Editor for The Gettysburgian. She is an English major who hails from Milford, New Jersey. She is a member of the Women's Golf team and works for the Office of Residential and First-Year Programs as a Resident Assistant. Aside from her academic and extracurricular pursuits, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and reading.

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