Clown World Conservatives: Republicans in the Pocket of the Donor Class

(Photo EN2008 / Flickr)

(Photo EN2008 / Flickr)

By Zachary Sobeck, Columnist

Like most every other political debate in the United States of America gun control is completely dominated by the donor class oligarchy. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is one of the largest lobbying groups in the United States and often donates massive sums of money to political campaigns and PACs. Additionally, gun manufacturers are known to contribute to political campaigns and lobby members of Congress to vote against gun control legislation. In the wake of the recent mass shooting it is important to analyze this salient issue, but it is of equal importance to not be overcome with emotion and promote irrational legislation that seems good in the moment as some sensationalists are wont to do.

Sound gun control legislation would manifest itself in line with the established prevailing Republican ideology of law and order. In a serious country where law and order does prevail, crime is not only quashed retroactively, but it should also be prevented proactively. Indeed, members of Congress who pride themselves as being defenders of law and order should endeavor to prevent gun violence before it occurs. This would not come about in the form of any assault weapons ban, firearm confiscation, or anything of that sort as those proposals are impractical and likely unconstitutional. Instead, reasonable gun control legislation within the theme of law and order should come about in the form of tighter restrictions on who is permitted to purchase firearms.

Currently, many stalwart law and order Republican members of Congress oppose legislation that would prevent individuals on the terror watch list or individuals recently hospitalized for mental health issues form purchasing firearms. Once again Congress proves to be a microcosm of Clown World where Republican members are tough on illegal immigration and drugs, but soft on gun violence. In a serious country, elected officials would oppose illegal immigration, facilitate the immediate deportation of all illegal aliens, oppose the scourge of illegal drugs, fight nefarious corporations which knowingly expose segments of the population to highly addictive opioids in order to increase profits, and also oppose allowing individuals on the terror watch list (or other known subversives) from obtaining firearms.
Alas, the United States of America is currently not a serious country. In the United States elected officials only have one real constituency, and it is not you the American people, rather their sole constituency are the entities and individuals who really put them in office: the political donor class.

When one comes across something in politics that just does not make any sense (such as supporting the legalization of illegal aliens or allowing individuals on the terror watch list to purchase firearms) one only needs to ask themselves: “Who is making money from this?” it is likely the answer to that question will describe why political phenomena which make no sense occur with such regularity.

President Donald Trump is uniquely positioned in this regard to bring Republican members of Congress who claim to be in favor of law and order policies into line on the gun issue. Not allowing individuals on the terror watch list or individuals recently hospitalized for mental health issues to purchase firearms can be reconciled with other law and order stances held by the president and his co-partisans in Congress. In the past, the president has shown a willingness to depart from traditional Republican stances which deviate from his unique and typically more serious stances. Likewise, he has shown a willingness to oppose lobbyists, special interest groups, and large corporate entities that he perceives to be putting their financial interests over the interests of the American people.

The president should be a stalwart executive and strong-arm the pusillanimous members of Congress to oppose their financial overlords and do something rational to prevent gun violence. If a member of Congress proves too milquetoast and continues to shill for his or her donors, the president should mobilize his uniquely loyal base to oppose them. Furthermore, the president has the power of the sword and could use executive action to circumvent Congress if members prove too anemic before the pseudo-sovereign political donor class. The United States Congress has no more room for Clown World “conservatives” who masquerade as veracious individuals putting America first when, in reality, they are just abetting the corrupt and decadent political donor class which is the real policy making oligarchy in this country.

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Author: Zachary Sobeck

Zachary Sobeck '20 is double majoring in political science and German. He is from Malvern, Pennsylvania and graduated from Great Valley High School in 2016. Sobeck has volunteered with the Donald J. Trump for President campaign during the Pennsylvania primary election. He currently serves as President of the Gettysburg College Republicans and is also a member of Young Americans for Freedom. Sobeck is the legal holder of the noble title: Lord of Hougun Manor, Estate of Cumbria, England of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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  1. It seems to me that the author believes the only “serious stances” are those involving rampant authoritarianism that only a small fringe group of National Socialists advocate. The fact is that we as a nation have proved the inadequacy and evil of said stances many times throughout our history, and the vast majority of Americans will continue to stand up to the type of “seriousness” that Mr. Sobeck advocates in perpetuity.

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  2. Can you point me to the clause of the Constitution where it states that the president has the power to “circumvent Congress if members prove too anemic before the pseudo-sovereign political donor class.” Disregarding the supreme law of the land seems to directly contradict the concept of law and order for which the author has so proudly advocated.

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