Midnight Madness: A timeless Gettysburg tradition

Photo credit: Gettysburg College Flickr

Photo credit: Gettysburg College Flickr

By Ari Snaevarsson, Features Editor

Just this past Saturday, I was able to partake in what is, without question, the most time-honored tradition at Gettysburg College: Midnight Madness, or Mid Mad for short.

It was at this venue where I, and certainly many other of my fellow classmates, came to understand the culture of this college first.  Sure, the First Year Walk, CYC events and community meetings (I legitimately cannot remember if that is what they were called, and I am perfectly okay with that) were all emblematic of the college experience one gets on campus here.  But it is at this infrequent gathering of students, late on a weekend night, at our main dining hall that the colors of the Gettysburg culture really shine.

Upon entering, one immediately gets the refreshing sense that all of these students have taken the time out of their Saturday nights to take a break from the late night studying, or to sacrifice their usual 10 p.m. bedtime, to gather with others and feast.

Certainly, the collective woozy nature of these studious individuals serves to loosen us all up a bit, which is perfect for the activities laid out at this joyous event.

Whether it is the melodic karaoke performances from students of all persuasions and social circles, or the fine dining offered to us in the form of gourmet nachos and frankfurters, or the incredibly loud, carefree laughter, the night is full of wonder and excitement.

What is most heartwarming about this occasion, as any Gettysburg College student will tell you, is the intermingling of students from all social groups and clubs.  It would seem students, under the influence of their late night studying-induced brain fogs, let go of all social confines for this beloved convention.

In fact, in my short time there last Saturday, I witnessed this heartening phenomenon firsthand: many a “Sally, why do we never talk anymore?” and “Bro, I know we don’t hang out much these days, but you’re just such a good friend; I love you, man,” were heard.  The sense of love and camaraderie in the cafeteria was so heavy, you could virtually smell it.

As my graduation date nears, I can already tell that few experiences will I look back on as fondly as I will the feast that is Midnight Madness.

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Author: Ari Snaevarsson

Ari Snaevarsson '17 is a Health Sciences major and Religious Studies minor, and he is the Features Editor of The Gettysburgian. He competes in bodybuilding and powerlifting and has an immense passion for dissecting the habit psychology at play in people's dieting attempts. Outside of reading and bedroom DJ-ing, he has previously maintained a health/fitness blog that also followed nutrition news, No Fluff Strength.

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