Student Senate Bullet Points: September 19, 2016

Photo credit: Gettysburg College

Photo credit: Gettysburg College

By Brooke Gutschick, Student Senate Secretary

  • The following students were installed as members of Student Senate:

* Class of 2017 Senators: Kevin Bielicki, Aiden Egglin and Katerina Krohn

* Class of 2018 Senators: Sarah Berkowitz, Andrew Milone and Donald Rosseler

* Class of 2019 Senators: Andrew Kellam and Hayley Lund

* Class of 2020 Senators: Jack Burns, Charlie Clewis, Katherine Cramer, Jackie Crowley, Callie Fucarino, Patrick McKenna and Melanie Ourhaan

  • $10,098 was allotted to International Affairs Association
  • $3,100 was allotted to Jazz Appreciation Society
  • $1,111.36 was allotted to Biosphere
  • GBurg TV became Senate recognized
  • Young Americans for Freedom became Senate recognized
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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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