Sorority recruiting season begins

Photo credit: Her Campus

Photo credit: Her Campus

By Noelle Zimmerman, Staff Writer

PNM’s, RoChi’s, rounds, and many more confusing terms being heard all around campus… Why? Because it is recruiting season for sororities. If you are interested in rushing, you should prepare yourself for a very nerve-racking but exciting process. This spring consists of lunches and various events held by sororities who are eager to welcome new sisters into their families.

It also consists of stressing about what to wear, what to make conversation about, and whether or not you should add another emoji to your Instagram bio. While it is easy to fall in love with one particular sorority early in the process, one of the most important things you can do is be yourself and trust the process.

Even though we have been walked through the process numerous times, it remains extremely confusing, most likely because all we can think about is how nervous we are. Sophomore Abby Zalucki offered a basic explanation of the process: “At Gettysburg the process allows each PNM to meet each sorority their first year during different philanthropy or recruitment events. This helps each PNM decide what organization they might fit in with the best.”

Gettysburg encourages everyone to keep an open mind until rounds begin in the fall. On the first day, each girl will attend every room so that they are given a chance at every sorority and they give each one a chance in return. The next day they are invited back to a few of the rooms and on the final day they are only invited to up to two rooms.” Abby went on to discuss the significance of trusting the process. “While the process does not seem like it always works, people usually end up where they’re supposed to be. Even if things do not turn out as expected, every sorority has amazing women and they would not have selected you if they did not think you would fit.”

So how do you find the right one? The best advice given from sorority women is: be yourself. Being in a sorority means being surrounded by the people you love almost all the time. With that being said, choosing a sorority can be very difficult. Sophomore Liz Miller stated that, “The “best” sorority is the one you feel at home in. Recruitment is not about trying to be anything you are not, it is about finding your home at Gettysburg and finding a group of women that will love and support YOU for you.”

It is okay to be nervous during such a complicated process, but always remember to be yourself and trust the process. By doing both of these things, you can feel relief knowing that you’ll find a group of girls with similar interests, beliefs, and values to call your sisters.

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