Apple releases the iPhone 8

Photo credit: Forbes

Photo credit: Forbes

By Kayla Britt , MS&T Editor

On April 1, 2017, Apple will release the iPhone 8, reports an unnamed but credible source. The phone will reportedly have retina recognition, which will replace the outdated fingerprint recognition function that unlocks the phone.

“The retina recognition will be used solely for the purpose of securely unlocking the phone,” said the unnamed source. “Apple is certainly not collecting this personal information to sell to third-party sources.”

The phone will also include an updated version of the popular and widely-used iPhone feature Siri.

No longer do you have to fret over talking so slowly you forget what you were asking Siri in the first place.

Provide Apple with access to all of your social media information and Siri will get to know you personally and easily interpret everything you ask. Who needs privacy when you have the convenience of getting information more easily than ever?

Junior Gregory Smith is eager to pick up the new iPhone. “I’m excited that I don’t have to go through all the trouble of putting my thumb on the home button to open my phone. It gets exhausting after a while.”

The iPhone comes as a surprise to many who did not expect the phone to be released until September.

“I was disappointed that I would have to wait all the way ‘til September to upgrade to the new version of Siri. I can’t wait to have a real personal assistant,” said Amanda Smiles.

Even better, the new iPhone will come in an even wider range of colors than ever before- light silver, matte gray, midnight black and  bright white.

Apple will also begin selling a specialized phone cleanser for the bright white phones.

“Because of our commitment to our customers and their satisfaction, we find it highly important to market this cleanser to keep the phone in the bright white condition that customers leave the store with.”

The cleanser will be sold for around $95. Of the price, the Apple insider said, “This phone cleanser is unlike regular phone cleansers. For one, it will come with the Apple logo. It also has the added benefit of a lavender scent so that customers can relax while they clean their phones.”

Senior Sally Hayes is definitely going to buy a cleanser with her phone. “The Apple logo is more than enough reason to buy the special cleanser instead of a regular one from the store,” said Sally.

The new iPhone is expected to have an even higher-quality camera. “It’s important to have the best quality for Instagram photos,” said first-year Sam Sully.

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