Take Back the Night raises awareness of sexual violence

Photo credit to GCC&M.

Photo credit to GCC&M.

By Julia Sippel, Staff Writer

Take Back the Night is a charitable foundation that began in Europe over half a century ago. The organization made a name for itself in America in 1973 when it responded to pornography in San Francisco and the serial killing of black women in Los Angeles. Since then, the group has held countless marches and other events to raise awareness and aid in ending sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of sexual violence.

On Thursday, April 7 this theme came to the College when the Women’s Center hosted “Take Back the Night” in the Junction. Accompanied by Pastor Donnella, Faith Biesecker of DPS, members of Survivors, Inc. and SASA and other students, the event highlighted what the organization stands for.

One aspect that particularly stood out for attendees was a reading of the Green People testimonials by SASA. “It is raw, personal and truly effective for getting people to care more about active prevention of violence on campus,” said one member.

Officer Biesecker enjoyed the night as well: “I think the event is very important and meaningful. It brings awareness to a very serious issue occurring all over the world.”

At another point in the evening, the group walked to the Peace Memorial to commemorate a student who was the victim of murder in a domestic violence setting. Some felt, however, that there could have been more to it: “I thought we should have done something, like a moment of silence or some sort of reading,” said one student.

Overall, however, Take Back the Night succeeded in spreading awareness of these issues and bringing members of campus together for discussion. For more information, contact SASA or Survivors, Inc. or visit takebackthenight.org.

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