Romanition showcases love through student talent

The dance group Vibe was the final performance of the night. Photo credit to Vibe.

Photo credit to Vibe.

By Vera Ekhator, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Feb. 13 Romanition was held in the College Union Building. The event, a prelude to Valentine’s Day, was “an exposition on the topics of love and romance” and the second annual event of its kind. All throughout the night, students performed acts that included spoken word poetry, song and dance.

The night’s first act was a performance by the student dance group Zouave to Laurel Downie’s a cappella rendition of “Earned It” by The Weeknd. This opening act helped set the mood for the acts to follow.

The most popular method of exposition was poetry/spoken word. One student performed a poem on romantic love during an apocalypse. Another student performed a poem on the love she had toward her parents, who sat in the audience. There was no topic that was off limits: the works performed by students covered everything from the proper way to refer to female anatomy to how hate could translate into love.

Apart from poetry and spoken word, students displayed their understanding of love through music. One student sang of unrequited love while another played moving pieces on the piano. There was even a freestyle dance to a hip-hop beat.

The end of the night was a Burlesque performance, and the last performance of the semester, by student dance group Vibe. Vibe’s intro act brought three members of the audience to the stage where they were each given personal dances. This intro gave audience members a glimpse for the sultry performance that was to follow: a full-on Burlesque show.

The Romanition event succeeded in showcasing the various human perspectives on the enigma that is love.

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