The Ozz is the app behind the curtain making cocktails

The Ozz, an interactive cocktail shaker, tells you what to mix for the perfect drink, how much to use, and gives you great recipe ideas all with the help of a light show on the device. (Photo credit:

By Morgan Patullo, Staff Writer

For our audience that is 21 years of age or older, the following may be of interest. The Ozz, an interactive cocktail shaker that helps you make cocktails at home, is the latest new and innovative way to create bar-ready drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen. The Ozz will help guide you through selecting, measuring, and mixing your ingredients to help you get the delicious results you are looking for.

The Ozz has a geometric design that will certainly catch your eye. While making the drink and receiving information about it, a light show will display, further increasing the party atmosphere. The Ozz visually guides pouring and mixing with the use of a light around the rim of the glass so that you do not have the need to eyeball the notches on a shot glass.

To go along with the Ozz device, like so many other things these days, there is naturally an Ozz app that features various different cocktail recipes and will give you helpful tips and information regarding your mixology skills. While you are making your drink, the device will communicate with your smartphone (iOS 6+ and android 4.1) over Bluetooth, and there will be a display that will show you when to stop pouring and what the to look for as your next ingredient. The app will also suggest cocktails for themed parties, such as “The Great Gatsby,” “Mad Men,” and numerous more.

The main features of the Ozz cocktail shaker are a “load sensor, RGB color LEDs, a Bluetooth, Low Energy chip, and a Lion battery,” according to a recent post on The device is not yet out in the market but the developers are looking for backers. For the Early Kickstarter backers, the Ozz can be bought for just $87, while those who wait will pay $125. With a contraption like this at your next event, people might just believe you’re the wizard.

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Author: Isabel Gibson Penrose

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