Frankie Muniz’s band Kingsfoil performs for annual fall concert

The band Kingsfoil, featuring actor-turned-musician Frankie Muniz, played for one of Gettysburg College's Attic parties.

The band Kingsfoil, featuring actor-turned-musician Frankie Muniz, played for one of Gettysburg College’s Attic parties.

By Lori Atinizian, Contributing Writer

CAB sponsored yet another performance that brought some of the Gettysburg College community together. An indie rock band, Kingsfoil formed in 2002, and the band proudly reminds us that they represent the state of Pennsylvania. Performing in the Attic, the band chose to play many original songs, and even Rhianna’s “Stay” for those who do not know the lyrics of their original music.

Overall, their music brought people together as everyone had a mutual interest in the band playing on stage right in front of them.

Though it is easy to conclude that most people went to the Attic only to see Frankie Muniz perform live, I could see from the crowd and the atmosphere that people’s interest changed after Kingsfoil played their first few songs.

Kingsfoil’s songs are new to many, but the response from the crowd reflects a genuine desire for more music. Lead singer Jordan Davis was successfully able to reel in the crowd with his personality, his excellent vocal cords, and his overall attitude.

Tristan Martin, Tim Warren, and Frankie Muniz all played in sync to produce music that even those who normally would not prefer this genre of music could enjoy. Musical talent aside, it is always nice to see artists pursuing their passions and receiving enjoying their careers, and all of their faces showed just that.

You could tell that this was about more than just entertaining others. It seemed like a means of release for them. They were able to express thought and emotion through each note and lyric, and altogether, the music sounded fantastic. By the end, the performance seemed almost too short, and we genuinely wanted more.

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Author: Brendan Raleigh

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