Senate to Provost: Rethink Easter Break


Editor’s note: On April 17, President of the Student Senate Andrew Ferreira submitted this letter on the behalf of the Student Senate. The decision to file this grievance came after a straw poll at the April 9 Senate meeting revealed that the majority of Senators present held the views expressed in this letter. The views expressed in this letter are in no way representative of the views of The Gettysburgian, The Gettysburgian staff or Gettysburg College.



Dear Provost Zappe:

I am writing to you on behalf of the Student Senate of Gettysburg College. On Monday April 16th, 2012, the Senators voted unanimously to file a formal grievance on behalf of their peers regarding the handling of the weekend of April 8, 2012 by the entire Academic Division of the College as well as Auxiliary Services.

As stated last year by members of the Faculty Governance Committee, the Student Senate was promised that all College functions would operate normally. However, this was not the case regarding the 2012Easter weekend. An overwhelming amount of the faculty cancelled class for Friday April 6 and Monday April 9. The food services of the college also operated on “break hours.” The only services that operated normally that weekend were programs supported by the College Life Division, such as the E.T movie night, Attic events, religious services, etc. To be put simply, it was difficult to function as a student of Gettysburg College that weekend.

We ask that the Academic Division of the College review its decision regarding Easter Break and whether or not it is effective. If the majority of the student body is to stay on campus, just as if it were any other religious holiday, we ask that all the normal services be available to us. If you foresee it to be problematic to provide all necessary academic and student life services during this timeframe, then you the Faculty have sole jurisdiction over the academic calendar and thus can reinstate the observation of Easter once more

If you have any questions regarding this grievance please feel free to contact me.



Andrew J. Ferreira ‘12

President of the Student Senate & Student Body

President of the Gettysburg Class of 2012




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Author: Jennifer Kiebach

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