Sceptical Chymists and Professors Go Head to Head in Family Feud: Chemistry Edition

Students and faculty competed in Chemistry Family Feud on November 15th (Photo Cameron D'Amica/The Gettysburgian)

Students and faculty competed in Chemistry Family Feud on November 15th (Photo Cameron D’Amica/The Gettysburgian)

By Cameron D’Amica, Staff Writer

On Nov. 15, the Sceptical Chymists hosted a Family Feud game night for the Chemistry Department in the Science Center. The game night consisted of a panel of four chemistry professors teamed up against a panel of four students. The professors included Dr. Koren Lipsett, Dr. Donald Jameson, Dr. Gregory Suryn, and Dr. Suvrajit Sengupta.

The students and professors exchanged banter and their spirit of lighthearted competition created a fun atmosphere that amused the audience and competitors alike. It was a night full of laughs, snacks, and chemistry.

The event was emceed by club member, Josh Wagner, who describes the Sceptical Chymists as “a social catalyst on campus.” He says, “We host events like Chemistry Family Feud to help create informal networking opportunities between students and professors. It’s important to us that students find meaningful ways to engage both academically and socially with the Chemistry Department.”

Through interaction with faculty, the club hopes to foster research opportunities for chemistry students. The Sceptical Chymists host many chemistry-related events through the year, including lectures and fun interactive activities such as Chemistry Family Feud.

The students competed head-to-head with professors answering questions such as: “My favorite element is…,” “Name something you would see in a lab,” and “Where do chemistry majors spend most of their time?” The correct answers on the board were created through actual surveys of one hundred students in the Chemistry Department. Both the students and the professors had fun guessing answers that were unique to the Gettysburg College Chemistry Department.

In the end, the professors came out victorious with a score of 504. It was a close game with the students collecting a total of 456 points. Both teams were given candy prizes, but regardless of the outcome, the successful game night created a fun atmosphere where students and professors of the department could gather.

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Author: Gettysburgian Staff

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