Fall Honors Day 2018 Award Winners

Glatfelter Hall (Photo courtesy of Gettysburg College)

Glatfelter Hall (Photo courtesy of Gettysburg College)

Compiled by Taylor-Jo Russo, Contributing Writer

Phi Beta Kappa Electorates:

Celeste M. Campbell

Caroline C. DeWitt

Leah Gulyas

Jay C. Hauser

Jason B. Heath

Alaina R. Keller

Savannah A. Labbe

Stella Nicolaou

Laura G. Waters

Kyle R. Woodley

Linnaean Award Winners:

Joseph P. Artemiou

Michael J. DeFeo

Jason B. Heath

Rebekah S. Hurwitz

Christina M. Noto

Teal L. Tasker

Baum Mathematical Prize – Qiaochu Chen and Shiyu Li

Akiko Kobayashi Bowers Japanese Language Award – Haley A. Barnes

Anna Marie Buddé Award – Brittney M. Sedgwick

Oscar W. Carlson Memorial Award – Savannah A. Labbe

Miguel Cervantes Award in Spanish – Holly M. O’Malley

Chinese Language Award – Ariel C. Kline

Delta Phi Alpha Prize – Crawford L. Oswald and Helen L. Woodward

Romeo M. Capozzi Athletic Training Room Award – Molly L. Cherny

Anthony di Palma Memorial Award – Savannah A. Labbe

Malcolm R. Dougherty Mathematical Award – Abigail R. Hauer

Samuel Garver Latin Prize – Lillian Shea

David H. Greenlaw Memorial Prize – Nikoleta P. Mountanos

Harry C. and Catherine Noffsinger Hartzell Awards:

            Anthropology – Emma G. Dorshimer

            Sociology – Tien T. L. Dao and Jesse E. Shircliff

James Boyd Hartzell Memorial Awards:

            Economics – Tyler J. Mann

            Management – Liza B. Barr

James Hamilton and Lucretia Irvine Boyd Hartzell Award – Emma K. Lewis

Hassler Latin Prize – Abigail A. Coakley

John A. Hauser Meritorious Prize in Business – Carly E. Kalis

Grace C. Kenney Award – Brynn S. Poppe

Dr. George R. Miller ’19 and Dr. Richard T. Mara ’46:

            First Year Student Prize in Physics – Peter E. Francis

Toni Morrison-Wole Soyinka Africana Studies Essay Award – Keira B. Koch and Danielle E. Kupersmith

Muhlenberg First Year Student Prize – Lillian Shea

J. Rogers Musselman Award – Erik L. Wendt

Dr. John W. Ostrom Composition Awards – Nicole V. Smizaski and Anita L. Woofenden

Dr. John W. Ostrom English Award – Sarah E. Rinehart

Psi Chi Junior Award – Caroline C. DeWitt

Major General James Milnor Roberts Distinguished:

            ROTC Award – Michael DeLeo and Jared P. McCully

Martha Ellen Sachs Prize – James H. Raphaelson

Tarek A. Tannous Memorial Award – Reagan M. Gawronski

Samuel P. Weaver Prizes – Wellington G. Baumann and Christian W. Lansinger

Earl E. Ziegler Junior Mathematics Award – Jason B. Heath

G. Ronald Couchman Endowed Diversity Award – Alyssa J. Kaewwilai, Jordan K. M. Knox, and San K. Luc

Margaret E. Fisher Memorial Scholarship Award – Thomas R. Heller

Gettysburg College Award in Athletics – Lauren V. Cole

John Alfred Hamme Award – Keyleigh N. Wallick

Dr. Carl Arnold Hanson, President Emeritus, Leadership Award – Laura Fodale

Mildred H. Hartzell Prize – Melanie Pangol

Reverend George N. Lauffer and M. Naomi, Lauffer Award – Rachel E. Loney

J. Andrew Marsh Memorial Awards – Marana S. Tso and Hannah G. Wevodau

William F. Muhlenberg Award – Lexus P. Davis

Keith Pappas Memorial Award – Hannah M. Labovitz

Captain Michael D. Scotton ’82 Award – Aren G. Heitmann

Senior Scholarship Prize – Marion A. McKenzie and Joshua R. Wagner

Student Life Committee Award – Erica L. Porta

Dean Frank B. Williams Memorial Prize – Marion A. McKenzie, Samantha B. Pfeffer, and Joshua R. Wagner

Silent Leader Award – Natalie J. Mazza

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