Humans of Gettysburg: Tamlin Unruh

(Photo Alex Bobeczko / The Gettysburgian & Humans of Gettysburg College)

(Photo Alex Bobeczko / The Gettysburgian & Humans of Gettysburg College)

“My happy place would probably be this bridge at my summer camp. It’s a special bridge where the camp conducts ceremonies, out in the middle of the woods. The bridge is super low, right above the surface of the water. It feels like you’re literally walking on water, on top of this beautiful cedar lake. At night when you walk across it you can see the entire sky, all the stars. And the breeze is the best. Since this camp is in the middle of the Pine Barrens, there’s no light pollution, so you can see shooting stars. That’s my favorite place, on warm summer night with the light breeze.”

Humans of Gettysburg is a partnership between The Gettysburgian and contributing photojournalist Alex Bobeczko ’21, who manages the Instagram page @humansofgettysburgcollege. Follow that page for more posts and stories.

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Author: Alex Bobeczko

Alex Bobeczko '21 is from Arlington, Virginia, just outside of D.C. He is planning on majoring in anthropology with a minor in environmental studies. On campus, he is a member and captain of the men's club soccer team. He wanted to setup this account (@humansofgettysburgcollege) because he has always had a love for photography and wanted to get more involved on campus.

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