Senate Remands DCF Budget Request

The Student Senate flag flies above Penn Hall.

By Miranda Feeley, Staff Writer

The Student Senate meeting this week proceeded to budget requests quickly. Treasurer Sarah Berkowitz ’18 presented charts showing that the Senate had allotted 31% of the budget as of the previous meeting — compared to 53% at this time last year. She did note, however, that this did not mean the Senate could stop scrutinizing each budgetary request.

The 26th PCG, whose budget was tabled last week in the interest of time, was awarded their full requested amount of $1,103.02 after answering questions as to how they had already cut down their budget and why they needed the supplies requested.

The Disciplemakers Christian Fellowship requested funding for their annual Widows’ Dinner, but the request was remanded to the BMC (which had recommended no funding) after a debate in which Senators raised concerns that the event had not originally been open to the entire campus community and that no other clubs were contacted to co-sponsor the event. The debate became heated as some Senators called for clubs to begin funding their events, pointing out that if the Senate keeps granting these smaller requests they will eventually not have enough money to sponsor larger ones. The Senate Executive Board could not immediately recall when the last time a budget request was remanded in full at the Senate level.

Later, Senator Nick Arbaugh ’20 and Parliamentarian and Policy Committee Chair Pat McKenna ’20 presented a proposed amendment to the bylaws of the constitution that would compel organizations who receive funding for fundraisers to reimburse Senate after the event unless the fundraiser was for an outside cause, which came on the heels of multiple club requests to front money towards fundraiser expenses. The amendment can be voted upon at a subsequent meeting.

Other Senate Bullet Points

  • Nick Tarchis was named the final senator for the senior class.
  • Dean Julie Ramsey was slated to give a presentation on the Board of Trustees’ review of social life on campus — and specifically the Greek system — but, due to time constraints, her presentation was shortened. Senate will address the issue more fully later.
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Author: Miranda Feeley

Miranda Feeley '21 is an English Major from Highland Mills, NY, who enjoys writing, painting, and watching Star Trek. On-campus, she is involved with The Gettysburgian, as well as Outerspace and Hillel. She also enjoys shopping for pens, and always wants to meet new people. She can be found on twitter @alt_apostrophe.

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