Dodging the Bullet: Lincoln Diner, You Now Have My Heart

First-year writer Samantha Anastasiou shares her first experience going to the Lincoln Diner ... she liked it

First-year writer Samantha Anastasiou shares her first experience going to the Lincoln Diner … she liked it

By Samantha Anastasiou, Contributing Writer

It was particularly breezy on the first evening of September and we had just concluded our first week of classes as college students. Naturally, we were already overwhelmed with endless pages of reading, but Friday offered the opportunity to decompress with new friends.

Our long night brought us passing our dorm, Huber, and continuing up the road for a midnight snack. As Friday quickly became Saturday, the nine of us gathered around the long table in the back room of the Carlisle Street icon. There was slight unrest looming in the air for the anticipation of 24-hour diner food. It felt like seconds after we closed our menu the aroma of fried specialties wafted our way.

At first glance, I knew it was a relationship that would last forever… or at least for the next four years. A plate of fried, cheesy goodness was carefully placed in front of me. Myself and the mozzarella sticks were a match made in heaven and a general consensus says everyone found their soulmate that morning.

From chicken fingers and french fries to eggs and hash browns, everyone’s meal cravings could be well satisfied. As my friend Alexis said, “I am a milkshake connoisseur—I’ve had one from everywhere— and this is the best I’ve ever had. This was a good decision.” My close knit group of friends that had formed over the past week met up with some other mutual friends this night. We no doubt ordered enough plates of food to cover the whole table.

Within an hour, we were talking like we’ve known each other for years. Whether you prefer breakfast or dinner, our simple conversation quickly formed into an intimate bond all thanks to our mutual love for midnight snacks. So thank you 1:00 a.m. Lincoln Diner, you now have my heart.

Editor’s Note: This article is the tenth of our series “Dodging the Bullet: The First Year Journal,” in which The Gettysburgian‘s staff members from the Class of 2021 share stories, reflections, and perspective on their first year experience. You can read the full series here. (BP)

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Author: Samantha Anastasiou

Samantha Anastasiou '21 intends to major in English on a pre-law or education track. As a high school athlete, she hopes to pursue athletics through the wide range of intramural sports at Gettysburg. A hobby of Sam's had always been writing, so she can't wait to share!

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