Review of Tracy Lawson’s ‘The Resistance Series’

Alex Pearson has some thoughts on "The Resistance Series"

Alex Pearson has some thoughts on “The Resistance Series”

By Alex Pearson, Contributing Writer

Missing the thrill of the Divergent and Hunger Games series? Craving an escape from real life and required reading? Then have I got the perfect series for you! Check out The Resistance Series, by Tracy Lawson. This series, consisting of four books, is an action packed dystopian thriller which will keep you up all night (and not because it has to be read for next day’s class).

Tommy and Careen are the protagonists of Counteract and they bring the bright light of relatability to the darkness of their dystopian world. Thrown together by fear of death, the pair struggle to understand the constraints of the government that is supposed to keep them safe while also navigating the scary waters of a relationship in a world that no longer makes sense.

Careen’s journey continues in Resist as she learns that there is more to being an idol than starting an overnight hair trend. Tommy and Careen are joined in Ignite by a diverse group of characters who all have their own agendas and they continue to learn that they have bigger problems than finding a chance for some privacy…It’s the final countdown in Revolt as Resistance members strive to come up with a common solution. Who will win the ultimate battle; reform or revolution?

The strength of the series lies in the evolution of the main characters. Tommy and Careen start off in their own microcosm where the only people they have to worry about are themselves. Their circle extends out as they meet people with views similar to their own.

As leaders, they realize that their actions affect people beyond their small group. When they finally realize that they are working to help the greater good, the actualization of these characters is amazing to witness.

Even though this is a dystopian series, Lawson incorporates lighter elements to keep the story fresh and unpredictable. Tommy and Careen’s budding romance is fraught with the usual heartaches and pitfalls.

Supporting characters come to life as they exchange witty comebacks and engage in verbal sparring matches.

Unlikely heroes and quirky venues add intrigue and layers to a thickening plot.

Anyone who loves surprise endings, a good old-fashioned duel, complex but real characters, and a little rebellion here and there will love The Resistance Series. This series will go right next to Divergent and the Hunger Games on your bookshelf. So, go read the series now and remember: RESISTANCE FOREVER!

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Author: Alex Pearson

Alex Pearson '21 intends to double major with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in English focusing on Creative Writing. She intends to join choir as well as get involved in community service and Spanish-related activities. Follow her on Twitter @alexpearsonstar and on Instagram @smilealexpearson.

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  1. You nailed it- love the story of Tommy’s and Careen’s evolution. Definitely a must-read series!

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  2. Thanks for the great write-up, Alex! I love knowing how much you’ve enjoyed Tommy and Careen’s adventures.

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  3. I love this, you and counteract! It is a must read for college students everywhere.

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