Farewell to MS&T: A reflection


By Kayla Britt, MS&T Editor

After four years, as my college experience comes to an end, I am finally saying goodbye to The Gettysburgian. From starting out as a writer my very first week on campus, to moving into the role of Features Editor, then News Editor and finally MS&T Editor, working with writers, the editorial staff and our advisors has been one of my favorite experiences at Gettysburg.

I can’t imagine my time at Gettysburg without The Gettysburgian, and I am appreciative for the experiences I’ve had and people I’ve had the opportunity to meet over the past four years.

I attended the Bernie Sanders visit and interviewed Susan Eisenhower.

Working as a writer and editor for the newspaper has enabled me to learn about and cover a variety of events on and off campus, from Get Acquainted Day to the more recent March for Science.

Having the opportunity to interview students, professors and visiting speakers about their lives, passions and accomplishments and putting them into publication has allowed me to meet a variety of people from diverse backgrounds.

As a science major, writing and editing the MS&T section has enabled me to stay up-to-date on scientific innovations and technology. Watching the progression of scientific and technological advances is truly fascinating.

As I leave The Gettysburgian I will take the experiences and conversations I have had with me, and I hope that the skills I have gained will benefit me in other areas of my life.

I wish good luck to the rest of the editorial staff as well as the MS&T successor in all of their endeavors.

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