Student Senate approves BOLD budget proposal

Photo credit: Gettysburg College

Photo credit: Gettysburg College

By Shae Belenski, Staff Writer

Last Monday at the Student Senate meeting, the brave senators led an inspiring march to approve the Skeptical Chemists’ budget request of $46.50 in order to fund their April Social event. This decision is a liberating choice that will affect the Gettysburg campus for years to come and serves as evidence to why the Student Senate is such a crucial and essential part of the Gettysburg community.

“We understand that funding Skeptical Chemists for this amount of money would be controversial,” says one senator, “but we realized that if we are going to make social change on this campus we have to overcome adversity and do what we know is right.”

The $46.50, which will go towards pizza, drinks and decorations, was approved unanimously by the Senate voters after heated debate.

“It really goes to show that when we pull together we can accomplish great things here at Student Senate,” says an emotional Junior senator after the humanizing budget approval, “There is just so much passion here at Student Senate. It really affects the entire student body.”

Student Senate has had a semester of incredible decisions and brave policy changes. Just this semester, Student Senate has approved the $30 budget request for the Asian Student Alliance, passed the budget request of $61 for STEMinists, and, against all odds, pushed through the whopping budget request of $150  for DCF. And who can forget the controversial decision to approve College Independents’ budget request for $80?

“This is a true testament to the inspirational change that Student Senate makes,” says a Junior Environmental Science major,.“Every time I see a student senator on campus I thank them for the sacrifice of their time and their insurmountable bravery in making such dynamic and inspiring decisions for our campus. I cannot wait to vote for who will represent me this coming year.”

The Skeptical Chemists are grateful for receiving the senate funds for their pizza and snacks for their event which has an expected turnout of 12 people.

Student Senate continues to be a cornerstone group in the Gettysburg campus community. Their policy changes and decisions affect every single person on Gettysburg’s campus, and their importance cannot be understated.

The campus is heating up for next week’s Student Senate, where they endure a grueling debate on whether they should approve the $40 budget request for Shots in the Dark.

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