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Photo credit: Pinterest

By Nora Tidey, News Editor


In the early morning hours of Wednesday, Nov. 9, Donald Trump was declared victorious over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Trump scored an almost perfect run through the swing states, winning Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. Trump won with 289 electoral votes compared to 218 for Clinton. Speaking at a victory party in New York, Trump expressed gratitude to Clinton for her service to the country and called for unity among all people. Set to become the 45th president of the United States, Trump will face the task of uniting a nation that has been drastically divided by what is being referred to as the ugliest campaign in modern history. He will be the first president to enter the White House with no political, diplomatic or military executive experience. At the age of 70, he will also be the oldest president even sworn in for a first term. Clinton delivered a concession speech on Wednesday morning.


German officials say the country is now facing unprecedented terrorist threats as five key ISIS recruiters were arrested recently. The men who were arrested were allegedly involved in smuggling people out of Germany to join the terror group fighting in Syria.  The five suspects are believed to have targeted and radicalized young Muslims in two northwestern states in Germany. Federal prosecutors report that the recruiters’ jobs were to teach Arabic and radical Islamic beliefs to those willing to go to Syria. With more than 820 extremists having left Germany to join jihadist groups linked with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, German officials are concerned that there are other ISIS organizations and radicalized people in Germany awaiting orders from ISIS to strike. Recruiting groups are focusing on two main avenues by which to attack Germany: establishing communication with extremists already in Germany to persuade them to strike and infiltrating non-European operatives into Germany.

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