What it is like to stay on campus for Reading Days

Photo caption: Gettysburg College

Photo caption: Gettysburg College

By Noelle Zimmerman, Staff Writer

Staying at Gettysburg during Reading Days was an experience that I will never forget. I went home for one day but returned to campus on Sunday morning. Upon my return, I noticed that there was a major lack of cars and, of course, people. For the first few hours, I felt like I was in a ghost town; barely anyone walked by my window, and there was no sign of life in my hall.

After about three hours of blasting music and dancing around my room alone, I finally heard a knock on my door. Seeing a friend was probably the happiest moment of my life. Thankfully, I had a few friends who stayed here for Reading Days. When we went into Servo, it seemed like everyone had a group of two to four people with them.

We all started to recognize each other for those few days because we all sat in the same section, the only section that was open. We were able to spend so much time getting our food.

If only the grill was open and if only they served us omelettes, we would have been the happiest of people. We also took advantage of quiet study spots like the library, the Junction, and even our dorm rooms. There was a larger than usual number of tours that came through, which made us miss everyone even more. While deserted Gettysburg was fun and relaxing to experience, it definitely was not the same without everyone here.

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