A student’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Photo credit: PBS

Photo credit: PBS

The Gettysburgian does not officially support or endorse any candidate for president, but all students and organizations are welcome to submit personal opinions and endorsements to gentjo02@gettysburg.edu.

By Jonathan Hu, Contributing Writer

This is the first election where I have a chance to vote. I am proud that I have the opportunity to cast a vote for an extraordinary woman: Hillary Clinton. In her service to this country, Secretary Clinton has shown the intellect, compassion, and courage necessary to lead.

She has fought for families and children of all ethnicities. I also think it is important to acknowledge the historic nature of her presidential bid. While her opponent spews hate, she has maintained an uncommon poise and grace. I will not allow this great country to be dragged down into the anger and hatred promoted by Donald Trump. I am using the most patriotic means possible, my vote, to disavow his words and actions.

Hate is not who we are. We are a nation built on the Constitution which says that we are all created equal. We respect the process that elects our officials and lays out the separation of powers in our government. We do not threaten to jail our political opponents, and we do not incite people to murder them. We do not discredit the electoral process.

When we do this, we risk delegitimizing our government by suppressing dissenting voices that make our democracy strong. In the America that I envision, we make true sacrifices for each other and not for personal gain because the problems that face just one member of our society; they will face us all. These are the values that our country was founded upon, and when we threaten these fundamental values, we risk our entire country’s identity.

I envision America as the land of opportunity: I am the son of an immigrant, the first generation on my father’s side to be born in this country. My family came here seeking a better life and was able to be successful in part because of the fundamental beliefs of this great country.

We cannot, under any circumstances, ban entire groups of people from entering our country. Racism is not who we are. I urge each and every person to consider the principles of the candidate. What will our legacy be? Can we tell our children that we stood up to sexism? Can we tell our children that we stood up to racism? Or will you tell them that you stood with racism, sexism, and xenophobia? With my vote I will stand for true American principles: freedom, sacrifice, and liberty. I know where I stand. I’m with her.

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