How Stephen Curry is aiding in the evolution of basketball

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By Dean DeLucia, Staff Writer

Basketball is continuing to evolve through every game and every season. Stephen Curry has become one of the most popular basketball players within the last two years. With amazing ball handling, passing and multiple ways of scoring the basketball, Stephen Curry is being viewed as a person who is changing the game of basketball in a negative way.

Basketball used to be known as the “big man’s” game. Every team wanted the tallest guy because everyone thought they were the best scorers on a ten-foot hoop. Over time people are starting to see a change in the game where there is less focus on big men. Now, everybody wants to be a guard. A guard has the most important position on the court. They need to be able to do everything on the court, from rebounding, good ball handling, seeing the court well, being the coach on the court and making important shots down the stretch. Big men just need to be able to finish under the basket and grab rebounds.

The desire to be a guard has increased even more so after watching superstar Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry is doing almost everything imaginable as a guard. He is giving those that are not the biggest a sense of hope. He is proving that size does not matter in the so-called “big man’s” game.

If you were to go on the internet and search Stephen Curry you would surely be amazed as to how this young man can help his team win. But although he has many ways to contribute to a win, the most controversial contribution is the way he scores the ball.

Three-point shooting is Stephen Curry’s best aspect of the game of basketball. His quick release and ability to shoot from anywhere behind the arc has made him a lethal person to defend. Besides the fact that three pointers are obviously worth more points, many coaches and fans are still attached to traditional basketball. They think that ball movement and easy two point shots is the smart way to play basketball games.

It is hard to say that easy two point baskets are the smarter way to play basketball because three point baskets are also helping Stephen Curry win many games. Maybe the amount of three pointers shot can help make players become more dangerous offensive players. The three point shot can help make players more versatile as opposed to basic layups and points within the paint.

Stephen Curry is not creating problems for upcoming players; instead, he is making the game much more exciting and helping players realize that if you are not big enough to score within the paint then there are other ways for you to score. If you train to become quick enough and smooth enough to score from beyond the arc then defenders will begin to play you tighter. This will lead to you being able to drive by them and create plays for your teammates. Evolution of the game of basketball is happening everyday by many different players. It is unfair to pick out Stephen Curry and argue that he is the only problem.

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