New social activist club emerges on campus: Crack the Code

Courtesy of Gettysburg College Event Page

Courtesy of Gettysburg College Event Page

By Kira Goodwin, Contributing Writer

Social activism has been a major player on college campuses across the country for decades. Yet no matter how long it has been a player, there is always room for new movements, as society is changing and there are always new causes to stand up for and new voices to be heard. That is what Jeffrey White is doing with his new club, Crack the Code. Jeff has described Crack the Code as an organization “open to individuals who would like to discuss issues of diversity that they see on campus or beyond campus, and subsequently create a medium of activism for the campus community.”

Jeff was motivated to begin this club from regularly hearing about issues that groups such as women and African Americans were subjected to. Rather than sitting around and watching this happen, Jeff decided that he “wanted to be a part of Change” and created a program where everyone can have the opportunity to take an active part in making a change.

In order to begin this change-making process, Jeff founded Crack the Code on Three Pillars, including Identification, Education, and Activism, with the goal of educating others on issues of inequity and bias. Not only do they hope to educate those willing to listen, but they want to hear everyone’s opinions (which the club is calling Codewords). Then, in order to “Crack the Code,” they go through the Code Process, which first identifies issues, second identifies symptoms of those issues, and third identifies systems of activism to combat the identified problem. They want diverse minds and different points of view so that they come up with the best possible solution while also understanding every individual perspective.

Their first event will be focusing on this goal of exploring different points of view. This event was held on Monday, Oct. 5, and was a question and answer and open discussion with the Executive Board of the Young Americans for Freedom. As Jeff puts it when we spoke with him, it “will be an event where people can come and voice their concerns and frustrations with some of the groups ideas; but also to gain a greater understanding of why members of Young Americans for Freedom think certain things to be true.” The goal of this event is for people to walk away understanding why others think what they do.

Overall, Crack the Code seems like a great place to go to get involved in any sort of activism and to hear your voice heard. It will definitely be a positive contribution to the Gettysburg College community. So if you’re looking to get involved just drop into a meeting on Mondays from 6pm to 8pm!

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