Hello mother, hello father: Family Weekend perspectives

Volunteers of the Family Weekend Advisory Council. Photo courtesy of gettysburg.edu

Volunteers of the Family Weekend Advisory Council. Photo courtesy of gettysburg.edu

By Dean De Lucia, Staff Writer

Parents weekend is probably one of the best times of the year. I mean, besides Thanksgiving, winter break or spring break. Parents weekend is one the best weekends while you are in school. Before you go off to school you are ready to grow up and leave your hometown. You want change, and you want to prove to everyone that you can be on your own. But before you know it, you start to miss a little bit of home, and you wish you could go back for a few days. This leads us to reading days, when some of us are fortunate enough to go home, and some of us just chose not to. But if you did not get a chance to see your parents, this weekend is the time. Now that we are two months into school, and everyone is adapted, our parents come to us. This weekend brings you a piece of home in your new environment.

You begin to realize that you are never too old for your parents, and spending a weekend with them after not seeing them for about two months is a really great feeling. They get to see how you live, and they can meet your professors and your friends.

You are able to get all the things you could want, because even though you are “all grown up” your parents still want to spoil you. While they are here you get the two things you need most: money and food. These two necessities are very important; I mean, very important. College students always need a late night snack, whether it is mac ‘n cheese, ramen noodles or a bag of chips. Although these are not the healthiest, they the job done. Money is also important. As our parents know, we spend our money on some dumb things that we think are a good idea in the moment. Before the weekend ends, getting a few extra bucks is always nice.

But besides the food, money and catching up on each others lives we cannot forget that our parents are excited, too. This weekend is more for them than it is for us. They obviously hope we are doing well academically and making good friends, but they also want to know what they are paying for. This weekend gives them a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes. They are going to want to spend every minute with you, even though they know its not likely. So here is some advice: you should all try to get most of our work done before they arrive, tell your friends you will see them later and do not look at your phone while they are here. We should all be excited about parents weekend, and we should make our parents feel welcome when they arrive!

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