Connections, dancing and giving back at Senior Kick-Off

Photo courtesy of Gettysburg College Flickr

Photo courtesy of Gettysburg College Flickr

By Vera Ekhator, Contributing Writer

On Friday, Oct. 16 Gettysburg hosted the Senior Class Kick-Off event. 84% of the 2015 graduating class gave back to the school.

This year’s graduating class of 2016 is the largest in Gettysburg’s history, and the goal is to have 90% of the 2016 class give back to the school. On the Friday, before homecoming weekend, the top floor of The Attic was radiantly lit for the occasion, which aimed to provide an opportunity for seniors to network with alumni and discuss how they can give back. Two seniors casually DJ’d the night’s music, playing songs by artists ranging from Justin Bieber to Bill Withers.

A few minutes after the event’s start time the room was already filled with the first crowd of seniors and alums. At the forefront of the room were tables covered neatly with orange and blue tablecloths. At the back of the room was the bar where attendees could grab a drink, Fisheye being the wine of choice for the evening. Also at the bar were dry erase markers and laminated orange cards reading, “I love GBurg College because…” and “I Give because…” with which guests could interact. Before long the room was filled with the excited hum of conversation.

Soon enough, most of the tables were occupied with alumni and seniors, the rest engaged in animated conversation around the bar. The event planner, Joshua Ginder, took the initiative to help the bartenders tend to the guests. As they waited for their drinks, the guests filled out the orange cards and posed for pictures. Behind the bar some guests were engaged in a game of pool. There was not a single person in the room who is not engaged in some activity or conversation.

The true success of the night was seen in the guest retention; 25 minutes until closing, the room was just as boisterous as it was at the start of the event. The DJs played “Come on Eileen” and received an enthusiastic response rivaled only by that of “Sweet Caroline.” Guests sung and swayed, while some beckoned to friends across the room.

When asked about the highlight of her evening, senior Kathryn Fodale she stated that it was “seeing people in person I have not seen in a while.”

It seems that most, if not all, of the guests would agree with that sentiment because even after closing some still lingered behind to chat, reluctant to leave.

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