College launches Gettysburg Great Campaign

President Janet Morgan Riggs revealed the goal of the Gettysburg Great Campaign at “An Evening of Celebration and Exploration” on September 20.

By Anika Jensen, Staff Writer

The new Gettysburg Great Campaign is an initiative to raise $150 million for Gettysburg College students. Proposed on Homecoming weekend, the campaign targets five aspects: scholarships, faculty, engaged learning, global initiatives, and annual giving.

The reason for this change is to create a more sustainable way of supporting the college. This program aims to provide more resources to students and professors and allow alumni to give back to the school they care about.

President Riggs says on the college website that “Increased support will strengthen our College and the educational experience we provide to our students. It will allow us to stand securely alongside of the very best liberal arts colleges in the country.”

One essential aspect of “The Campaign for Our College” is ensuring the affordability of a Gettysburg education. With more endowments as a result of the campaign, the school will become less dependent on tuition, therefore creating a more affordable experience for students.

Jared Richardson, a first year, says, “Since I always planned on going to college I knew I would end up with some debts, but I think it is great that our school is going to such lengths to lower that burden for students.” This initiative will also help decrease student loans, allowing more graduates to further their education and pursue their career goals.

The second element of the campaign is to acquire and maintain an engaged and excited faculty, which includes raising money to send professors to conferences and to support their research, and providing them with technological opportunities. Engaged learning encompasses student internships, study abroad programs and various research opportunities, all of which enhance classroom learning and allow students to grow as leaders and as academics.

President Riggs on global initiatives, the fourth aspect: “Critical to our students’ preparation for global citizenship is discovering connections among public service, public policy, leadership, international business, language, and culture” ( With the global initiatives element is the goal to renovate Plank Gym and turn it into an international center.

The final aspect, annual giving, calls upon alumni and parents to give back to Gettysburg so that the college can meet academic needs and support students, in particular to The Gettysburg Fund, an essential aspect in maintaining the affordability of tuition.

On annual giving, President Riggs says, “We must also be great in capability, great in programs, great in support. And that is where those who truly care about Gettysburg College can help” (

So far $77 million have been raised, though Gettysburg is still looking to reach its goal of $120 million. Students are being encouraged to use the hashtag #gettysburggreat on social media to promote awareness of the campaign.

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Author: Isabel Gibson Penrose

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