Take a break during finals week and enjoy some art at Musselman Library

Senior Mauricio Novoa holds the book he made in Professor Meyer’s “The Poet’s Voice” seminar last fall. Photo Credit: Musselman Library

Courtesy of Musselman Library

While final exams and project deadlines loom, it is always good to get up and walk away from your books, computer, and notecards to give yourself a break. When you are in Musselman Library, take advantage of the many exhibits on display for the rest of the semester.

“The Price of Freedom,” a diorama depicting a scene at Pennsylvania College on July 5th, 1863, has been donated to Gettysburg College by the Cleary Family. This 3-D diorama on the main floor of the library, located behind the reference desk, was created by Don Griffin and Amy Lindenberger with assistance from the Cleary family. It commemorates the human suffering and chaotic conditions faced by the townspeople of Gettysburg and the students and faculty at Pennsylvania College on July 5, 1863, only two days after the cessation of hostilities.

“Cannot Be Turned” by Alexandra Zealand, is a sculpture made out of 16mm film that has been discarded from the library and hung above the reference collection on the main floor. Names punched into the film represent those who have passed on. Zealand explains her use of the medium for this installation in these words: “16mm film is literally transparent, consistently offering its subject up to the naked eye.” Visitors are encouraged to participate in this ongoing piece by sharing their story/loved ones lost.

Students in Professor Nadine Meyer’s Fall 2013 senior seminar course completed the semester by making hand – made books to house the poems they wrote. After studying seven books by contemporary American poets, these strong student poets wrote thematically cohesive collections of poems, with attention to image, musicality, and their own emerging poetic voices. Six of the hand-made books, all by graduating seniors, are on display in an exhibit case outside of the Browsing Room.

Linoleum block prints and charcoal drawings created by Adjunct Assistant Professor Robert Patierno from Gettysburg College’s Art and Art History Department are on exhibit in the library‘s Apse. Also on display, in addition to the framed pieces, are exhibit cases containing one of Patierno’s linoleum blocks, a print from that block and several of his handmade books.

In honor of the anniversary of World War I, Lynda and Lawrence Taylor have kindly lent several items from their memorabilia collection to be on display. The Browsing Room has nine examples of the full-color poster art that inspired and mobilized the American and European civilian populations during the Great War. These posters range from recruiting appeals to war relief, including a particularly interesting poster features the Coalition countries after America joined the effort.

Another local collector, Randy Prasse, Executive Director of Gettysburg Festival, Inc., has generously shared his collection of original steam shovels, tractors and a racing auto produced between 1914 and 1919 by the Structo Manufacturing Company of Freeport, Illinois. The accompanying dealer catalogs and Structo advertisements depict stereotypical views about masculine and feminine interests that were common during the World War I-era.

Check out these, and several other exhibits, on the main floor of Musselman Library.

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Author: Brendan Raleigh

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