“Oh, What a Life” album review


By Holly Mercer, Contributing Writer

Are you tired of this winter with all the cold and dreariness of the end of the Midterms Season? Do you find yourself dreaming of days with the windows rolled down in your car , with summer music blasting out of your windows? Your hair blows in the wind, you have sunglasses on, the sun is shining and you don’t have a care in the world… oh, what a life.

If you want music that will make you feel like that, I have a fantastic new album suggestion for you! American Authors, formally known as the indie band, The Blue Pages, just released a new album, entitled “Oh, What a Life.”

American Authors are based out of New York City and feature Zac Barnett on lead vocals. American Authors have a very distinct and unique sound, unlike anything that I have heard before. To provide a reference point, American Authors are kind of a synthesis between The Lumineers, Fun and Bastille. They have this incredibly unique blend of folk, electronic and bits of pop. Their genre is classified as “alternative,” which definitely seems to suit them well.

The songs on “Oh, What a Life,” feature fun, infectious beats with a cool instrumental blend of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, banjo, drums and electronic effects. Their single, “Best Day of my Life,” has been featured recently in a Lowe’s commercial, and is certainly their most well-known track on the album. If you enjoy that song, you’ll probably love the res t of them.

Some other notable tracks include “Believer,” “Hit It,” “Luck,” “Love” and the closing, title track “Oh, What a Life.” The album is so aptly named “Oh, What a Life” because it is truly feel-good music at its best. Check it out!

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Author: Brendan Raleigh

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