Fitness Center recieves another large donation, renamed for generous alum

Current sophomore Corey Matthews assists Mr. Bombe with his daily workout in the Fitness Center on campus. “It’s like I never left!” declared Mr. Bombe about the campus. Photo Credit:

Current sophomore Corey Matthews assists Mr. Bombe with his daily workout in the Fitness Center on campus. “It’s like I never
left!” declared Mr. Bombe about the campus. Photo Credit:

By Reba Fisher, Part-Time Fisherwoman

On a balmy day in October, one alumni returned  home to the Gettysburg campus.  As he surveyed Stine  Lake he noticed something  missing- not enough people  were exercising. Compelled  by a mix of passion for exercise  and respect for the  old orange and blue, the  alum decided a change was  needed. He had the tools to  help the school he so loved.

The John F. Jaeger Center  for Athletics, Recreation,  and Fitness is scheduled to  be renamed after a recent  generous donation from one  of many successful Gettysburg  alumni.

“We’ve been honored  by this benefactor’s dedication  to healthy living and  hope that the name change  will reflect as such,” commented  David Wrong, Assistant  Vice President for  Athletics and Development  Officer. Michael C. Bømbe,  an alumnus from the class  of 1964, has donated $1.4  zillion dollars to Gettysburg  College in an effort to promote  exercise and healthy  living.

“I pride myself as being  a healthy Gettysburgian,”  Mr. Bømbe discussed, “and  I wish to pass on this feeling  of wellness onto the current  students, which is why I am  making such a large contribution  to the College.”

Currently, Mr. Bømbe  is the CEO of Fitness Undergarments  Corroborating  with Kindness a health and  wellness charitable company  which promotes ‘clean lifestyles’  and workout friendly  underwear. The proceeds  of the products go towards  fitness educat ion for the  homeless.

“Our number one tenant  at Fitness Undergarments  is a life which is alcohol  free, drug free, and negativity  free to fight homelessness  in ‘Murica,” explained  Bømbe. He continued to  state that these values were  first instilled in him at Gettysburg  College, leading him  to give back to the institution  with this donation.

Along with the generous  contribution will be a  renaming of the Jaeger Fitness  Center to go along with  Mr. Bømbe’s healthy living  company. A good sum of  the donated money will be  used to create a smoothie bar  independent from The Dive,  the Fitness Center’s café.

The new fully stocked  bar will have a large amount  of smoothie options with  the ability to add fruits and  vegetables to your liking.  The beverage list is mostly  ‘make your own’ but a menu  is available.

The drink options include  LITs (Light in Tangerines),  Pitchers (a pitcher  of the smoothie-concoction of  your choice), and of course  the signature drink, the Jaeger-  Bømbe (a mix of energy  powder, grapefruit and coconut  water).  “I’m so excited for this new change,” commented  student Elizabeth T. Lemon,  “now whenever I feel like  getting a nutritious drink  after a workout, I now know  that I have the option of the  Jaeger-Bømbe ready and  available for me quickly.”

Ground will be broken on this new development  coming next fall, so be on  the lookout for these new  and exciting ways to live a healthy lifestyle. For now, the renaming ceremony will  be postponed until further  notice.

“Here at Gettysburg, we’re always trying to find new ways to promote our  healthy lifestyle beliefs,”  concluded Mr. Bømbe, “I’m  just glad that I will get to be  a part of it with the Jaeger-Bømbe Center.”

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Author: Brendan Raleigh

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