Gettysburgian FAQ: Who we are, what we do, and why we do it

About us:

The Gettysburgian has been serving Gettysburg College since 1897. (Photo by Arielle Distasio)

The Gettysburgian is Gettysburg College’s campus newspaper. We publish our print version ever two weeks, and this website is an extension of our traditional content. We are still working on developing this site, and The Gettysburgian staff is open to any suggestions or feedback as we continue to improve our readers’ online experience.

Please feel free to contact our website editors, Daneilla Snyder ( or Annika Jensen (; news editor, Kayla Britt (; or editor-in-chiefs, Brendan Raleigh ( and Lauren Perry ( with any questions, comments or concerns.

Why do you have a website?

We believe that an online platform gives us the opportunity to reach out to our readers in new and exciting ways. Having a website allows us to publish new features, such as advice columns and highlight the biggest stories published in our print edition. This site also gives you, the reader, a way to enjoy fresh content from The Gettysburgian throughout the week, not just Thursdays.

We at The Gettysburgian still, however, believe in the importance of providing a traditional print edition of our publication, both for the convenience of our readers and as an educational tool for students who may someday join the print media industry.

Why can’t I see all of your print content?

We at The Gettysburgian realize that print newspapers still hold a place in many people’s hearts. For this reason, we encourage readers to pick up a copy of our print edition, which is published every other Thursday during the academic year. While we generally publish the major stories of the week from each print section, most of our print content will only appear in our weekly print editions.

How do I subscribe to your full print content?

Anyone on the Gettysburg College campus can pick up a free copy of The Gettysburgian at the following locations on campus:

  • Inside the College Union Building (next to The Commons Cafe’)
  • The newspaper box outside the east entrance to the College Union Building
  • The newspaper box outside the west entrance to the library
  • Outside the Jaeger Center for Athletics

The Gettysburgian also offers paid print subscriptions through traditional mail and through email. Please contact Brendan Raleigh ( and Lauren Perry ( for more information.

How do I become a writer or photographer for the The Gettysburgian?

The print and online editions of The Gettysburgian are always looking for new writers and photographers. Please contact Brendan Raleigh ( and Lauren Perry ( for more information.

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Author: Jennifer Kiebach

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