Laura: ‘Burgian of the Week:


by Hannah Tenenbaum

Laura has been selected as “Gettysburg Great” for her relentless kindness and compassion to students at the Athletic Center.


Q: What do you do here at Gettysburg College?

A: I work here at the Athletic Center and I work third shift, I clean everything from the glass on down. I don’t do the pool! But I work every week, third shift. And I do other things on the weekends as well, and where I am needed.

Q: Where are you from originally?

A: I am from Rockland, Maine.

Q: What brought you to Gettysburg?

A: Well, that’s a big story there! I just recently moved here from Maryland. When I was younger my parents divorced and I came South because my parents were from Martinsburg, West Virginia. So we moved around her family and I got married and settled down I have two sons that live in Maryland. Over the years I traveled with Weis Markets.

Q: I’m sorry, where did you work?

A: Weis Markets. I like when people call it “We Is,” I love that.  So I traveled with them a lot and ended up in Taneytown, Maryland and recently moved up this way after I was separated from my husband.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Gettysburg?

A: My favorite thing about Gettysburg is probably the history. Love the history here, I am a civil war buff. Love the ghost stories! My sister called me she was watching the Hitory Channel and Gettysburg ghosts was on and the college came on and she was like “Where do you work?! You work in there!” and it was just neat you know, the history that comes with it… I work third shift, I don’t know the college during the day.

Q: So have you had any ghost experiences as you work the night shift?

A: Oh no! Oh my gosh! I will say no, but I’m also in a new building, I hear a lot of noises. I hear a lot of noises, I work at night, I don’t know if it’s my eyes playing tricks on me or whatever, but there are students who roam at night as well!

Q: Okay, so then getting back to Gettysburg College, what do you think makes the students here “Gettysburg Great?”

A: The students here at Gettysburg College, all of them who I have come in contact with have been so, the first word that comes to mind is mannerly, but I mean polite, and happy. And they are willing to help me. And you know some of the jobs that I do, I can’t let them help me but they really want to help me because they feel you know, they should be helping and that is awesome. Gettysburg Great, they follow the rules pretty good. And lastly, they are intelligent. A lot of them are intelligent, and I think they made a good choice in where they came to school.

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Author: Jennifer Kiebach

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