G-Harmony Bachelorette of the Week: Ludiwien Cooreman

Interview by Jenny Morris

Each week we will have an interview with a new cutie on the prowl! This week she’s adorable, she’s spunky, she’s ready to mingle, she’s Ludiwien Cooreman!

Nickname:                                                                   Class Year:

Ludi                                                                                 2013


Philosophy and International Affairs

What is your favorite type of tree?

Do I even know the name of my favorite tree in English…Oak maybe? They help me orient myself and I get lost a lot. And they grow in most of the countries I’ve lived in!

The Commons or The Dive?

The Dive

What do you look for in a guy?

A special something. Someone who has his heart and the right place and can keep me entertained. Oh and he has to be able to put up with all my craziness.

Would you like me to assign someone to butter your muffin?

Can you explain that again…English is my second language.

What is your opinion of a guy who wears boxer-briefs?

I’ll put up with it, but I prefer boxers, and I’ll probably make fun of him for it.

Shots or shotgun?


How do you feel about salmon shorts?

Like Fiji.

What is your favorite thing about chairs?

I feel like the logical response is to sit on but if they rotate and have a cushion than that’s a plus.


Ludi was asked to complete the following sentences…


I admire Taylor Swift because…

She was my introduction to American culture.

 My super power is…

Making people want to do what I want them to do

When alone in my car, I jam out to…

Jimmy Cullun


Why are you Gettysburg great?

Because I try to be in every club possible. I come off as such a nerdy person in this interview…What  are you typing? My answer wasn’t that long…

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Author: Jennifer Kiebach

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